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T.S. of Southaven, MS
"Great grip and great durability!"
B.K. of Jackson, TN
It's a very high quality glove and the look is great.
K.T. of Rancho Palos Verde, CA
The comfort lining feels GREAT and has to be the most comfortable inside lining i have yet to try. For the price the glove seems great!! Compared to the "big brands" for around 55$ you get a non-removable fingersave replica model. ( Just simply doesn't compare to yours)
G.B. of Mountain Top, PA
I remain impressed with the gloves. Grip was outstanding. Loved the finger protection (and needed it last night). The gloves are breaking in nicely and have replaced my PrimoSports (that cost twice as much) as my go to gloves.
P.D. of Alexandria, VA
FInally got to use the gloves.  they were great.  I dampened them to start, but not enough I guess for the cold dry air.  I had to dampen again at half... but when a little moist they were great!  solid gloves.  felt great.  performed even better.
D.R. of Lenexa, KS

My daughter loves her gloves!  The break in period was minimal and she likes the flexibility and grip that they provide.

S.M. of Santa, Fe, TX
I received the gloves last evening. They are as advertised. I look forward to using them later this week. Thanks for an easy hassle-free purchase.
K.M. of Inverness, FL
During Wednesday's high school game, the temperature began dropping. The gloves kept my hands warm. With the features the gloves have to offer along with a $50 range, I believe you have yourself a winner.
J.N. Of Covington, TN
We were really impressed with the quality and construction of the gloves.
G.C. of Oak Ridge, NJ
My daughter has informed me that in her opinion
they fit perfect and she loves them.
D. B of Kansas City, Kansas
I played with the gloves for the first time last night and I was very pleased with them, I had good grips!
G.M of Hackettstown, NJ
Awesome gloves. I removed all the spines apart from the thumb which is the best design I've seen so far. Very impressed.
G. H. of Montreal Canada
You're always wary of any new product. In this case
it's obvious that you've had experience between the
posts and know what a keeper needs. Tip to closure... awesome and well thought out. The lining should be standard on all gloves!
P.A. of London, England
It appears that you yanks are now producing world
class goalkeepers AND gloves! At this price they should start a revolution. Kudos!
H.S. of Riverton, UT
She can't say enough about the gloves and we can detect an increase in both her confidence and skill level while she protects her territory with the Rogues.
N.H. of Olive Branch, MS

Good consistent grip and I love the colors! .

K.T. of SoCal
After my HS season finished, I decided it was time to retire my rogue gloves. But what a time I had with them! I must say they are officially my most durable gloves ever! I kept thinking they were bound to retire but the gloves kept proving me wrong. I put them true hell but they kept pushing on! 
S.M. of Galveston, TX
I was very impressed with my first set of gloves from you. They held up well (over a year with weekly games) and I like them as well as any  (sometimes expensive) set of gloves Iíve ever had..
B.B. of Steward, NE
Best gloves that I have ever worn. Amazing grip and the gloves have held up throughout an entire 19 game college  season. These gloves could easily go for double the price and still be better than any other glove at that price.
E.V. of Inverness, FL
Rogue is all I wear now.
I play college in Nebraska. I played in 4 different pairs last year and I love them. I was actually a first team all American and played in Rogue 95% of my games including all the way to the NAIA semi-finals.  I intend to continue using them as I start my PDL career. Keep up the good work!!! Since finding your gloves over a year ago, Iíve tried to tell people about them, have sent the goalkeepers I train to your site and if there is a way to get more people to invest less money in a superior product, I am happy to keep sharing the news.  You can pay twice a much for Nike and Adidas gloves that are half as good, you can spend half as much for a glove thatís twice as good Ė seems easy to me!  I just purchased my 5th & 6th pair of your gloves, that says it all.
A.G. Hasting, NE G.H. of Bridgewater, N.J.
M. A. of Collierville, TN
Loves her Rogues. Have lasted through her 30+ games and many practices this past year. Couldn't get her to use lesser gloves for practice
N. A. of Bourbonnais, IL
A.A. of Bourbonnais, IL L.O. of Flower Mound, TX
M.M. of Flower Mound, TX B.C.S. Eads, TN
 Iím a Coach as well as a player in New York City. A colleague of mine, gave me a pair of your Giga Grip gloves with Finger Saves last summer. I used them throughout my preseason as I initially intended them to be, just practice gloves. However, I found myself wearing them in games as well. We are sponsored by Adidas and the gloves we get each year are in the $120-$130 range. I can honestly say I would purchase your gloves over getting the big brand gloves for free. As my playing career is coming to an end, Iím broadening my Coaching network and I will definitely recommend you guys to my students throughout New York and New Jersey! So on that note, Great Job!


R.M. Glenwood Landing, New York Got the gloves just in time for tournament play; amazing quality... the only gloves I will wear from now on!
N.T. Bossier City, LA

  Son used these gloves on the weekend and loves them. From the color to the feel he says they are some of the best he's worn. We will definitely be ordering some more along with a glove bag. Great job and thanks again for the great service and your time. 
 Saskatchewan, Canada.

My Goalkeepers all used Rogue this  fall. Coming into the spring season none are asking for any other brand!

G.H. of Bridgewater, N.J.


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