What kinds of advice can I get in forums?

Back in July of 2012 I was checking web links to see what was going on with the brand and found this:


I personally avoid the forums. I know social media is a big part of modern selling and I am readily accessible for those visiting my website but I don't jump into the forums because they are polluted with those that think they are smarter than those of us that have invested the time and money into glove development.

The link above is an example of why I avoid forums . "Experts" who are perceived as experts only because they said they. Spouting forth misinformation.

First please ask yourself why anyone would listen to the "advice" of someone who admitted they have never tried a product?

Then ask yourself how Rogue gloves are templated if the supersoft glove is actually on it's third revision since original production?

Each glove had at least two revisions before production.

The Supersoft glove has changed factories twice.

Does that sound like a "template"?

Then ponder why two gloves mentioned as "quality" on this page are considered excellent but Rogue is inferior when they come out of the same factory?

Another who admits he has never tried Rogue is so knowledgeable about gloves he can determine the quality of a glove from it's website!!! I admit I was not much of a webmaster but the site at the time did what it needed to do... BUT What does that have to do with the quality of the gloves? Nothing. This "gentleman" makes >admitted< uneducated comments about someone's website and product to make himself sound like an expert... based on website quality?

Please notice that the one Rogue user admits that he does not like Supersoft but wore his Rogues for a long time.

Then he makes efforts to criticize the glove to be a part of the anti Rogue group but doesn't quite manage to say anything negative except the finger sticks are the run of the mill variety? This is an excellent example of peer pressure and someone trying very hard to fit in but unfortunately (fortuantely?) the product does not give him much room to do anything but state that he prefers mega grip and bought Supersoft. Is that really a fault of the brand or the buyer?

I didn't type any of the words in the forum. I am only pointing out that there are often times a huge difference in the truth and what is said on the internet and this post is a great example of such.

I put a lot of time and effort into Rogue. I have addressed the few quality issues that we have had immediately and directly. I have changed designs to address issues. I take this seriously.

I do not mind, and actually welcome any and all feedback on the performance of the gloves because it helps the brand improve and grow.

I welcome honest opinions good and bad in any format.
I do not appreciate the brand being run into the ground by someone who has never used it because they think it makes them sound cool or seem like they know something when they admit they have never tried the brand. That's not very classy. 

 Instead of getting into a pissing contest in the forums it is much easier to present such issues here and let you pass your own judgment.

I am happy to say that Rogue has continued to grow since it's inception. We build relationships with our users, that's something that can't be said for all brands.

Rogue gloves made it to the semi-finals of two different divisions of Region 3 and were well represented in three Regional ODP events, The Finals at Disney and the semis at Nationals twice. Not bad for a company that has never been marketed anywhere except locally and on it's web site.

If you wish to contact me concerning the brand and/or any misconceptions about it please email me directly at info@roguekeeper.com

For those that don't know me I am also available to help with college recruitment advice and general goalkeeper training and fitness help.